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Dr. Crean is dedicated to the education of all.  In order to continue his work, he is more than willing to work with you or your organization so that he can come out and give you an engaging presentation. 

If you are interested in inviting Dr. Crean to speak at your meeting, please take a look at the information below.

1) All invitations are dependent upon availability.  Though some engagements are listed on the schedule at, not all engagements are listed as some of his work consists of private consultations that cannot be listed due to the restrictions by some institutions.

2) If you would like Dr. Crean to travel outside the Chicago area, travel costs will need to be covered.  Airfare and hotel accommodations are required; a $25/day per diem for meals and other costs incurred is welcome but negotiable.  Travel costs will need to be reimbursed at the time of purchase by Dr. Crean.  If an event needs to be canceled by Dr. Crean, these costs will be returned.  If the organization cancels the event, costs will be returned less any cancelation fees (e.g. $200 for airfare cancelation).

3) If the distance from your event is significant, (economy) car rental may also be required in addition to airfare and hotel.

4) If you are looking for an interactive workshop, shipping costs for materials may be required.  He may also provide a list of materials so that you can purchase materials yourself in advance.

5) Any speaker fee is negotiable.  If you are a non-profit organization and/or an affiliated organization with the American Federation of Aviculture, the speaker fee may be waived or can be in the form of a donation to the Lyons Township High School Zoology Club program, Dr. Crean’s non-profit live animal education program.  If live animals are requested to be included in the presentation, a minimum of $100 donated is requested for a one-hour talk (plus additional costs for animal transport). 

6) If you are requesting Dr. Crean to speak at an event that includes sales, a free booth with a single table is required to help offset additional costs incurred.

If you need financial assistance, please consider the following:

1) In areas where there is more than one entity interested in having a speaker, cost-sharing may be an option.  Schools, clubs, societies and businesses may come together in order to share costs and take part in the same event or separate events.  Dr. Crean will do multiple talks to maximize your investment in his travel costs.

2) Need assistance with a fundraiser in order to help with travel costs?   Dr. Crean will agree to help advertise this to help your organization raise needed funds. 

To inquire about a speaking engagement, please e-mail us at